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Don't Feed The Bear: Our Blog

Three Common But (Maybe Very) Painful RMD Mistakes Thumbnail

Three Common But (Maybe Very) Painful RMD Mistakes

The government requires that money start to come out of specific retirement accounts at age 70 ½ and continue for every year until the account balance is zero because they are able to tax the distributions and, quite frankly, the government is tired of waiting for their cut of your account. We could discuss a myriad of IRA related topics and intricacies, however, I would like to focus on three big mistakes related to RMDs.

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Giving Generously Thumbnail

Giving Generously

December has arrived and the holiday spirit is in full force. Many people find themselves giving generously during this season. It might be giving gifts to family & loved ones, giving financially to a church or a mission-based organization, or offering time by volunteering at a soup kitchen, for example. The month of December has been shown to be the most expensive month of the entire year. I’m going to say something you may not hear often from an advisor: go ahead and spend/give some money, wisely.

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The Work Optional King: Mike Leckrone Thumbnail

The Work Optional King: Mike Leckrone

What I can honestly say is that out of all of the professors I had, Mike Leckrone most positively shaped my college career. I haven't been back for an alumni band event, nor have I spoken to him in almost 20 years. Through Mike I learned perseverance, perspective, and positivity. We were told to "Eat A Rock" - to work as a team to accomplish a greater goal. To struggle was expected, appreciated.

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Life Changing Black Friday Deals Thumbnail

Life Changing Black Friday Deals

The focus on Black Friday is always the deal. The best part about Black Friday is that we no longer have to wait in line in the cold and instead can purchase almost anything online! For us, however, we wanted to go beyond the actual discount you are receiving and give our best ideas for meaningful gifts that have impacted our lives positively.

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Is the Sky Falling? Our Take on Recent Stock Market Volatility Thumbnail

Is the Sky Falling? Our Take on Recent Stock Market Volatility

Lately, it may seem like every time we log in to check our investments they are down. I certainly know the feeling personally, but I also can see it for clients. I am seeing lately a few days where the stock market has fallen sharply and they have photos on news websites of traders on the floor of the stock exchanges grabbing their hair, yelling, or looking dejected by the end of the day. The sky is falling!

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