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Don't Feed The Bear: Our Blog

Mortgage Refinance Triggers Thumbnail

Mortgage Refinance Triggers

"As a former real estate agent and mortgage loan officer, I’m familiar with the garden variety rules of thumb regarding when to refi. They usually consist of “if you drop your rate by more than 1%, it’s a no brainer” to “if you recoup the closing costs within 12 months, it’s a no brainer,” and so on. We at Walkner Condon tend to shy away from rules of thumb, as the details of each situation and the viewpoint of each client tend to vary greatly. It’s our contention that the specific details of each situation and only the specific details, is the surefire way to know if a refinance makes sense."

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A New Look at New Year's Resolutions Thumbnail

A New Look at New Year's Resolutions

My challenge to you is to set a 2020 goal and map out the monthly results. This gives us a better scoreboard to check progress. It also keeps us accountable starting right away in January, in addition to providing more on-ramps throughout the year for getting back on track if we miss a month or two. Achievement doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing endeavor or some grand plan that’s ruined by the first inevitable pitfall.

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SECURE Reprise Thumbnail

SECURE Reprise

As part of the budget process, it sounds like there may be pretty important changes coming to retirement accounts as it sounds like the SECURE Act will pass Congress and be signed into law between now and the end of the year.

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Are You Ready to Lose $200k? Thumbnail

Are You Ready to Lose $200k?

As we generally see market timing as futile, we have to spend some time looking at the reality of the stock market situation: this has been an expansion that has been long in duration in terms of years and also in the lack of meaningful volatility. However, we will, at some point, see the start of the next bear market.

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