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Is It Time to Consider Refinancing? Thumbnail

Is It Time to Consider Refinancing?

The ten-year Treasury yield has fallen to its lowest level since September 2017. Mortgages rates closely follow this benchmark and we have seen interest rates on 30-year fixed mortgages fall below 4%, with current rates closer to 3.75% (and 15-year mortgages at 3.25%). For those people that have purchased a home in the last 18 months, it is a good time to check your rates on your mortgage.

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What is the SECURE Act and How Does It Impact My Finances? Thumbnail

What is the SECURE Act and How Does It Impact My Finances?

Last week the House of Representatives passed a new bill by an overwhelming majority revising the treatment of key parts of American retirement systems entitled the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement or “SECURE” Act. The bill was passed by a massive majority of 417-3 and signals from the Senate and President indicate that the law would likely pass.

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Thankful For My Freedom Thumbnail

Thankful For My Freedom

Every year I get really excited for my birthday because it almost always falls on Memorial Day weekend. As a child I could look forward to a 3-day weekend filled with fun, family and the single most important day in any summer...the first pool day! But I also learned that there are hundreds of thousands who have lost their lives in service to our country, protecting the freedoms that we as citizens of the United States experience every day. They paid the ultimate sacrifice and it only seems fitting that we take a day to remember and celebrate their selflessness.

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Retirement Is Not a Really Long Vacation Thumbnail

Retirement Is Not a Really Long Vacation

It is interesting to see the many different ways people define the work-optional phase. Some people prefer the traditional interpretation of retirement: they slow down. On the other hand, there are lots of retirees who are excited to run faster, chasing the things they have a passion for in life. Whatever you plan for during the post work-mandatory phase, it is important to remember that it isn’t just an extended vacation.

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Is it a Good time for a Vacation Abroad?  Thumbnail

Is it a Good time for a Vacation Abroad?

As spring springs, many people’s thoughts turn to not only getting the garden going but also summer vacation. You might be asking yourself as you stare at that cheap flight to Malta or Mozambique, how far will my dollar go in the country I’m thinking about visiting? Or, from the perspective of spending: is it a cheap or expensive time to vacation abroad?

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