We are proud to announce that we have launched a second website dedicated to expat and international investing. The new website can be found at http://usexpatinvesting.com.

The reason for adding a second site is to break apart the content for the two sites for continuity purposes. While we will share some content between sites, the domestic and international needs for investors are significantly different. Because we believe so strongly in education, this new site will be chalk full of resources for expats. Keith Poniewaz, our Director of International Advisory Services, will be contributing the majority of the content.

For our existing clients, we encourage them to check out the new site. While it may not directly apply to them, they may have a friend, family member, or colleague that may have someone in their life that is considering moving abroad or already lives abroad. Keith’s experience in working with these clients can be very helpful for these expats, who face a significant amount of nuance in their investment and financial planning strategy.

We hope you enjoy the additional site and welcome your feedback!