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Technology Tools

Are You Using All of Our Technology Tools?

Feb 13, 2020 | Blog

As part of our onboarding process, we make sure that our new clients get access to our technology tools. We realize that this can be overwhelming in the beginning, since this initial process could have involved multiple meetings, an introduction to your financial plan, data gathering, risk questionnaire completion, and paperwork. So whether you are a client that’s been with us since the beginning or brand new, here’s a quick review of our technology suite and how you may benefit by using these tools.


Performance tracking and reporting account information in one place is provided to us by Blueleaf. The software produces a weekly summary of the change in balance, sent to the email address on file. You may run a report out of this software for just about any timeframe on your accounts and also set up data feeds for items outside our management, such as bank accounts and 401(k) plans. If for any reason you cannot get into Blueleaf, first try clicking on the “forgot password link” or message us at [email protected], and we will help you get access.


The heart of what we do is financial planning. RightCapital provides the software to help us make the complex calculations and “what if” scenarios that assist us in making financial decisions with you. Your balances are also updated daily, allowing you to experience more of a real time financial planning experience than a printed plan can provide. We encourage our clients to play with the software and stress test their specific situations. We set up a login for all of our clients, so if you need help just send us an email at [email protected], and we can make sure you have access. RightCapital is also one of the only financial planning software vendors that has a native app. You may find that on the App Store from Apple or at Google Play for free.  

Risk Software

How much risk you are comfortable taking and how can we help manage that in your portfolio are keys for us in portfolio design. To help identify how much risk you are willing to take we send you a brief questionnaire to complete. Presently, we use a company called Riskalyze to perform this analysis, though we are also testing new providers. We generally send this to clients in their initial onboarding period, but it is good to check it periodically, as risk tolerance may change over time. Send us an email if you would like to recheck your number or be part of our beta test for new software options.

Virtual Meetings

We know our clients are busy people, whether it be those that are enjoying that work-optional lifestyle or those putting in long hours as they ascend in their careers. While we prefer in-person meetings, we also offer the ability through Zoom to do video conferencing. This offers us the ability to retain some of the human element in our conversations, as well as the ability to share documents via screen share.

At Walkner Condon we strive to provide our clients with technology tools that are easy to use and provide meaningful data back to you. If you are not using any of these solutions, please consider trying them out. We are happy to walk you through any of the tools.

 Clint Walkner

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