Blueleaf is our client portal that is at the center of our relationship. It’s not just your weekly email – Blueleaf provides many features that we want to highlight and assure that we are providing you the data that you need.  

Here’s a quick review of Blueleaf’s features.

  • Performance tracking: The weekly email references the change of value of accounts, not actual performance. Sometimes this is one and the same, but when contributions or distributions are made this will have a positive or negative impact on balance but not performance. The performance tab adjusts for withdrawals/deposits and has many different timeframes to search.
  • Outside account tracking: Many of our clients have found it very helpful to pull in outside accounts that we may not manage, including brokerage accounts, 401k/403b plans, and bank accounts.  To add accounts, click on the “accounts” tab in Blueleaf, search for the investment company, and add your credentials. Please note that for security purposes, we do not see any client credentials.
  • Ability to see fee invoices and signed documents: All client signed documents, including applications and client agreements, will be found on Blueleaf. Invoices that show how your fees were calculated also can be found in the “documents” section.
  • Know what you own, holdings, and transactions: Find out what your stock to bond ratios are and your holdings including Morningstar reports in Blueleaf.  You also may look at all your transactions on each of your accounts.

Please let us know if you would like to review any of the features in Blueleaf. We are happy to help you utilize our client portal to its fullest.