One of the biggest objectives of our firm is to provide you relevant content that is timely and informative.  In 2017 we have launched a podcast, “Gimme Some Truth”. (iTunes link can be found here) Our goal of the podcast is to explore in more long form investment concepts, industry (mis)truths, and welcome guests that provide insight on a variety of topics.  

We would like for you to take a moment to help us out. Can you reply back to this email by clicking the link and answer the question:

“If you could give one piece of financial advice to your younger self, what would it be?”

We will read the responses and react to them in a future contest.  For your efforts, we will also select one respondent and give them a gift card to Madison Chocolate Company, conveniently located next to our office.

Please feel free to forward this to friends and family.  You need not be a client of Walkner Condon to participate.


Thanks for your help!


Clint, Nate, and Kevin