I am writing this as my family and I travel back to the snowy and frozen Wisconsin landscape from Fort Myers Beach, Florida. Somehow our connecting flight brought us through Philadelphia to get to Madison, not exactly the most efficient route! We are all at the gate waiting to board the plane with each of our respective electronic devices plugged into the complimentary power sources. As I sit here tethered to my chair, I’m reminiscing on a few days away in the warm embrace of sunshine and 80 degree days with the purpose of recharging my personal batteries.  

It is amazing to me how in tune most of us are with exactly how much juice is left in our phone, iPad, or laptop, but never stop to check on the status of our own battery. I don’t think we fully appreciate how much power and energy it takes to run our everyday lives. From careers to kids, to basic demands on our time, we are constantly being drained. We must learn to prioritize time for ourselves to recharge our own batteries. It just makes us better people!

Obviously, we can’t all just stop what we are doing to head to a sunny beach on a weekly basis (although it would be nice if we could). We can find ways to carve out time for the things that help us hit the reset button. Taking a half hour to read, meditate, do yoga, or taking a walk outside can completely change your outlook on the day. I realize that we are all busy and are just trying to prioritize our existing obligations, however, we all have forty-eight “half hours” in every day, clearly, we can set aside one for our mental well being. We have all suffered from any number of exhaustion related issues from lack of focus and mental sharpness to headaches and nausea. Mental stress and exhaustion can lead to some very serious, long-term health issues. In our office, we put a strong emphasis on taking time to stay mentally strong and healthy. We encourage you to do the same by taking time every day for yourself. You may be surprised by the positive outcome!

Nate Condon