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Can you diversify away investment risk? Thumbnail

Can you diversify away investment risk?

Is there a “risk-free” investment? No. If a return is expected, there will be risk involved in an investment. If more risk is taken, more reward (return) is expected. Otherwise, why would the risk be taken in the first place? Some might point out that United States Treasuries are considered “risk-free”. Although U.S. debt is widely considered to be one of the safest investments out there, it isn’t free from risk as this article nicely outlines.

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Quarterly Market Commentary - Q3 2018 Thumbnail

Quarterly Market Commentary - Q3 2018

We review the markets in the third quarter of 2018 and look at trends developing in the overall economic environment. We discuss how healthy the economy is, and whether or not a recession is imminent. Consumer and government debt is historically at a high level, but is it going to create a problem in the future?

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Fall Home Maintenance Tips Thumbnail

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

The preparations for shorter days and harsh weather will begin. It is this time of year that you should also consider preparations to save money this winter with a few simple house maintenance suggestions.

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What is Bond Duration? Thumbnail

What is Bond Duration?

The higher the bond’s duration, the more its price will fall as interest rates rise. If interest rates are expected to fall during the time the bond is held, a longer duration bond would be appealing because its price would increase more than comparable bonds with shorter durations. As a general rule (with equal credit quality) the shorter the bond’s duration, the less volatile it will be.

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What is the Difference Between a 401k and an IRA? Thumbnail

What is the Difference Between a 401k and an IRA?

What is the difference between a 401k and IRA? Both 401ks and IRAs are tax-advantaged savings vehicles that are meant for retirement, but there are differences that exist. Most Americans enjoy the idea of delaying a tax bill from Uncle Sam and allowing their assets to compound. This is a powerful way to accumulate wealth long-term.

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Giving Back Thumbnail

Giving Back

I get asked a lot about giving back and there are many ways that you can do this. You can give a personal financial donation, organize a fundraiser and encourage others to join you, or you can sacrifice your time and energy to help the cause. All are appreciated and if done in the right context, will usually make a difference.

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