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Don't Feed The Bear: Our Blog

Life is Too Short to Eat Bad Easter Candy Thumbnail

Life is Too Short to Eat Bad Easter Candy

I spent much of this past Sunday, on a beautiful 78 degree, sun-kissed day, devouring my fair share of delicious seasonal confections. As I nibbled and bit into each one of these, it occurred to me that some are, in fact, better than others. I’m sure that not everyone agrees with me on what makes the best Easter candy, but everyone will agree that there are different levels of deliciousness involved. Having woken up from my sugar-induced coma, I thought it would be a good idea to settle once and for all what is the best Easter candy.

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Preventative Automation Thumbnail

Preventative Automation

Dentists and their hygienists’ greatest value is often the preventive care that they provide. Through the fundamental schedule of cleanings and monitoring of tooth decay, plaque buildup, and gum health, they often can assess and correct problematic health situations before they grow into something far more catastrophic. Often times the diagnosis of a decline of gum or tooth health is a precursor to more grave health issues that may not be seen by a doctor or the medical professional until far later.

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Patient Satisfaction Thumbnail

Patient Satisfaction

I can’t help but notice that what is lost in all of this wishing and hoping is that precious days on this Earth with our friends and loved ones are so easily rushed and overlooked for something that will happen on some future day. I am absolutely guilty of this, rushing time to get to some future time. To myself and everyone, I say, let’s slow down and enjoy today for today.

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"Nudging" Your Practice Forward Thumbnail

"Nudging" Your Practice Forward

After working with and having conversations with several dentists over the last few years I have realized that there are many parallels between running a dental practice and running a financial planning practice. Many of these parallels have to do with behavioral finance. The first similarity between the two are that dentists and financial planners rely on “nudges” to help impact positive behavior of their patients and clients. A “nudge” is a concept borrowed from behavioral economics that essentially means building structures in such a way as to encourage the proper outcomes.

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