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Don't Feed The Bear: Our Blog

The Efficiency Argument(?): Me Versus My Dad Thumbnail

The Efficiency Argument(?): Me Versus My Dad

My Dad is the hardest working person I know. Undoubtedly he’s also a better man than I. I can give countless other examples of when he went that extra mile and then another mile on top of that to get something to "perfect" completion. But when is "good enough"...good enough?

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What is a trust and does it matter to me if I am not filthy rich? Thumbnail

What is a trust and does it matter to me if I am not filthy rich?

What is a trust? Well, in simple terms it is a legal document that is used by individuals to transfer some or all of their assets to their chosen beneficiaries at their death. It involves the re-titling of those assets in the name of the trust which is managed by a successor trustee at death. That trustee could be chosen by the grantor of the assets as an outside third-party trustee or it could name the beneficiary as the trustee.

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Is It Time to Recharge Your Battery? Thumbnail

Is It Time to Recharge Your Battery?

It is amazing to me how in tune most of us are with exactly how much juice is left in our phone, iPad, or laptop, but never stop to check on the status of our own battery. I don’t think we fully appreciate how much power and energy it takes to run our everyday lives. From careers to kids, to basic demands on our time, we are constantly being drained. We must learn to prioritize time for ourselves to recharge our own batteries. It just makes us better people!

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3 Essential Subscription Services That I Use Thumbnail

3 Essential Subscription Services That I Use

Subscription series have become ubiquitous. Not only do they offer you the convenience of automation, the customization or personalization of some of these services also helps enhance your life. Businesses love these service offerings since they also provide a consistent stream of revenue and predictability. Having tried a number of these subscription services, here are three that my family currently uses.

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On Tools.... Thumbnail

On Tools....

Much is made in the world of investment advisors of being “independent” from the perspective of investments, but not enough is made of the independence in choosing the proper tools for clients. Rather than having a set of tools foisted upon us, we work to select the best possible tools for our clients, because no single tool makes sense in all cases.

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Heading to LINC 2019 Thumbnail

Heading to LINC 2019

This week, Clint, Jonathon, Mitch and I will head to San Diego for the annual TD Ameritrade National Conference. The scope of the conference is wide ranging from keynote speakers and break out/learning sessions to vendor demonstrations and networking events with advisors from across the country. Every time we attend the conference, we have the same goal in mind: find tangible ways to improve the client experience for everyone who works with Walkner Condon Financial Advisors.

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