As some of you may know, the City of Madison began the Monroe Street resurfacing and reconstruction project early this week. If you’d like to read about the full plan, you can visit the city’s website here. Currently, we are at the start of “phase one”, and phase two is expected to begin in mid-March. While we hope it won’t affect our daily business too much, here is what we are expecting in the area during phase one.

Until mid-March, MG&E will be installing new underground gas lines between Chapman and Woodrow streets. You can see this area on the map below.


What this means:

  • The City of Madison has stated that the peak hour traffic lanes will be closed during this time, so only one lane of traffic will be open in both directions. This will affect drive times. It is unclear if this will affect street parking at our office (as the gas lines aren’t being installed on our block), but please be aware.
  • The sidewalks will remain open, so if you are within walking distance of our office you should see no changes.
  • The bus line will also remain open with the Glenway stop, but there may be occasional changes and closures – if you’re taking the bus, be sure to check ahead of time.

We only anticipate minor inconveniences (longer drive times, possible parking changes) for phase one, but we still wanted to make you aware of the situation. Phase two, beginning in mid-March, will see more difficulties. We will be in touch again closer to that time with how Walkner Condon plans to address the situation. You can read about what phase two will entail on the city website, linked above.

Walkner Condon plans to operate normally during this construction. However, we understand that the construction may make our location tougher to get to. As a result, we have upgraded our video conferencing software, and are always open to phone or video meetings if you’d prefer to not deal with the construction. Alternate location meetings are an option as well. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions!