Comfortably Unique™

The Pillars of Comfortably Unique

To us, Comfortably Unique™ encompasses many things. The roots stretch back to the founding of Walkner Condon in 2011, roots that are firmly anchored in our ideals of accessibility and dependability.


As guides on your financial journey – and, ultimately, your life journey – we firmly believe that financial advisors should be accessible. And while that means being available to meet when big life events happen unexpectedly – after all, many of life’s biggest moments aren’t always planned – being accessible is more than just open space on a calendar. Accessibility is talking with you, not at you, in ways you understand, with language that provides clarity instead of confusion. It’s also communicating with you regularly through avenues like our podcast, blog posts, and videos, content that our team writes and produces to keep you up-to-date on important financial news and concepts.


When it comes to being dependable, it’s all about trust. If you can’t place your full trust behind the person walking with you on your financial path, how can you trust where they’re taking you? That trust also applies to our structure. We’re fee-only fiduciaries, meaning we’re obligated to work in your best interest. We don’t sell investment products, and we don’t accept commissions. Trust is built on our commitment to transparency, something on which our clients can depend.

Feel free to explore our website, read our content, or maybe listen to an episode of our podcast, Gimme Some Truth. And if you want to see for yourself how we’re different, we welcome you to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced advisors. Our initial appointments never carry any cost or obligation. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using the form below.

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