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Mary Jo Staniszewski

Client Service Specialist


Mary Jo Stanizewski has joined us with 25 years of experience in financial services in a Client Service Specialist role. Mary Jo will mostly be supporting the international team, though she will be cross trained to help the domestic team when necessary as well. She also carries the benefits of being licensed, which will allow for her to perform higher level tasks such as trading. 

In the Spotlight

“One of the things that I really value from my clients is when they give me feedback on something that we implemented as part of their plan when it actually comes to fruition. So usually, this is accomplishing some sort of goal – whether that’s putting their kids through college or on track for retirement – but when it actually gets to the point of realizing that goal and they tell me about it.”

Earned B.S. in Industrial & Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Avid runner & competed in Madison Marathon in 2018. 

Received an MBA – with a finance emphasis – from UW-Madison in 2018. 

Featured Content

Mitch has a particular affinity for employee equity compensation, things like stock options, Employee Stock Purchase Plans, and more. Stock and stock options are a key part of compensation for many employees in Madison, with several of the key employers in the STEM field – Epic and Exact Sciences to name a couple. Because of the importance of equity comp to employees both in the Madison area and throughout the country, Mitch put together a series on the key types of compensation via stock or stock options. There’s also this written piece that accompanied the video series. Outside of equity comp, Mitch has covered topics like ESG investing, taxes, and investing strategies like Mega backdoor Roth conversions.